Environmental policy

The 14th Eastleigh Scout Group aim to reduce the effect they have on the environment and encourge young poeple to take the lead in tackling climate change.

To achieve these aims the group have installed a range of sustainable enery, environment, energy efficiency and conservation projects which have resilted in the group headquarters being carbon neutral and one of the most enironmentally friendly scout headquarters and community building in the United Kingdom.

The 14th Eastleigh Scout Group – Environmental policy

The 14th Eastleigh Scout Group recognises that environment issues are fundamental to the future health and well being for those involved in our Group, the greater community and our planet.  Thus we seek to understand the impact of our activities on the environment at local, regional and global levels, to minimise these impacts and to find sustainable solutions to environmental concerns.  We accept the responsibility of demonstrating leadership in environmental protection and enhancement through our actions as a Group.

In support of these principles the Group is committed to: Promoting the protection of the natural and cultural environment at the Group Headquarters and at other sites used by the Group. Continually improving the Groups environmental performance. Complying with all environmental legislation relating to the Groups activities. Reducing and where possible preventing pollution. Monitoring the Groups environmental performance and practice at regular intervals. Increasing awareness of environmental responsibilities among Group members and users of the Scout headquarters.

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